ORE Power Solutions is a revolutionary new UPS brand created to provide reliable & mission critical UPS solutions that are backed by an industry first – 5 and 10 year extended warranties.



It is commonplace in the UPS industry for large manufactures to not back their parts and products longer than 1-3 years, forcing customers to buy into expensive extended warranty options.

At ORE Power Solutions we believe that when customers make an investment into a UPS – they should be covered for more than just the industry standard.

From the time of purchase our customers have the opportunity to activate our standard 5 year warranty (register here), which covers the UPS, its electronics and batteries.

For customers who require longer term coverage, we also offer 10 year warranty extensions at affordable prices. 



ORE Power Solutions currently specializes in Single Phase & Three Phase units as well as battery monitoring systems that will provide real time alerts to extend the life of your batteries.

Our Single Phase line currently features the SPL series – Single Phase Line Interactive units that range from 800-3000kVA and the SPC series or the Single Phase On-Line Double Conversion units 1000-3000kVA.

Our Three Phase units include the ALTITUDE series – our 10-60kVA On-Line Double Conversion unit that is a compact and reliable and the ALLEGIANT series – our stunning 50-200kVA On-Line Double-Conversion unit that runs up to 99% efficiency, reducing energy costs and overall carbon footprint.

If you are unsure which unit fits your needs, head over to our contact page and someone from our sales team will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in finding a UPS solution.

*All equipment must be registered with ORE Power Solutions at the time purchase to activate 5 & 10 year warranty – otherwise it will default to the standard 3 year warranty. 5 & 10 year warranties only apply to the SPL & SPC series.



ORE Power Solutions products can be purchased through third party UPS resellers or through our online Ebay store – we will be launching our single phase products on Amazon soon. Sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to know!