A battery management system reduces the cost of ownership of UPS batteries. The typical lifespan of a lead acid battery is 3-12 years, we suggest replacing every 4 years, however this can be reduced by up to half if not properly maintained. Factors such as room temperature being too hot or cold and batteries being over or under charged. Also, there is the factor of time, as time progresses the voltage and charge levels may begin to deviate which will deteriorate the health individual batteries or the string as a whole.

Our battery management system will help combat these issues by balancing charging the batteries ensuring no battery is ever over or under charged. Balancing charging will also eliminate weak batteries, by drawing on the power of stronger healthier batteries to help recharge them. By doing so, there will never be a weaker battery jeopardizing the life of the entire string. There is still possibility of a battery failing completely, but the battery management system will send an automatic notification upon failure so it can be replaced before harming the rest of the string.

As a result, balancing charging maintains equal health for each and every battery which will extend the lifespan of the batteries. Clients have seen their battery life increase to 5-8 years with the battery management system in place. This allows cost of overall ownership of a UPS system to reduce dramatically when batteries can be replaced every 5-8 years versus every 3-4 years.