ORE Power is proud to provide two state of the art options for Single Phase UPS units. SPL Series is our Single Phase Line Interactive unit.  SPC Series is our Single Phase Double On-Line Conversion Series. What makes both of our SPL and SPC series units stand out from other single phase options in the market is our industry first 5-year standard warranty and optional 10-year warranty. Meaning, when you buy either the SPL or SPC series UPS the electronics of the UPS and batteries will be covered for 5-years (optional 10-years). 

Both units are also compatible with extended run batteries which will increase the maximum run time of your UPS solution. Our SPL and SPC series UPS are great for networking and server room solutions. Both are rack mountable, 2 post or 4 post, and even come with floor mount hardware. Both units also feature a LCD pannel interface for easy operation and have a power factor of .9 so you can get the most performance and efficiency for your critical UPS applications. The SPL UPS series is available in 800VA -3kVA, the SPC series is available in 1kVA-3kVA. For more information on these units, head to the “Our Products” section of our website or email our sales team at: sales@orepowersolutions.com.