ORE Power Solutions offers a two series of three phase UPS: the ALTITUDE & ALLEGIANT ranging from 10-200kVA. 

The Altitude series an on-line, double conversion UPS that ranges from 10-60kVA/kW. The Altitude UPS is great for Medical facilities, Data Centers, Industrial Facilities, Education, Government applications.

  • It is available in 208VAC or 480VAC models. 
  • Internal batteries allows for smaller footprint (internal batteries not available for 50-60kVA models). 
  • The Altitude UPS also offers dual input capabilities, allowing it to be supplied from two power circuits, dual feed configuration, rectifier input and bypass input, this increases the resilience of the UPS system. 
  • The Altitude UPS by ORE Power Solutions is a flexible and reliable UPS for all your mission critical equipment. Please take a look at the Altitude brochure for more information. 

Our Allegiant series is an on-line, double conversion, energy efficient UPS that rangers from 50-200kVA/kW. 

  • The Allegiant runs at up to 99% efficiency resulting in lower energy costs and reduces its carbon footprint. 
  • High performance input filtering which protects upstream power supply sources from harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads. 
  • The Allegiant UPS is great for applications ranging from broadcast, hospitals / medical, education/research laboratories, bio-tech, pharmaceuticals / chemical, critical power management requirements, any areas needing computer grade power and a high level of available power. 
  • A user friendly and intuitive display makes the Allegiant UPS easy to operate. 

Head over the the Our Products tab for more information on the ALTITUDE & ALLEGIANT series.